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Helm Immigration Product Offering

Product Categories

Starting a business in the United States

Investing in a business to secure residency or long-term visa status in the United States

Moving key company personnel to the United States in short-term or long-term work status

Helping investors and entrepreneurs secure work authorization and immigration benefits through investments in start-up enterprises or established companies in the United States

Helping foreign students stay in the United States after graduation from undergraduate or graduate studies

Securing 2nd residency or citizenship options for individuals seeking a secure and stable environment for their families

Buying a restaurant or small business that results in a Green Card or renewable long-term visa

Helping individuals purchase a portfolio of residential and commercial property that can be managed as a property management company - with the unique benefit of providing special visas for long-term work/stay in the United States

Providing assistance to individuals requiring special government permission/waivers who have prior difficulty in securing US visas due to past criminal matters or prior overstays

Bringing families together through family based immigration for spouses, children, parents and siblings

For those opposed to the COVID-19 vaccines, we can provide assistance with a special waiver that will allow the applicant to visit the United States on medical or religious exceptions

Helping "snowbirds" find the most suitable visa to allow for extended stays in the United States while still maintaining their residencies abroad

Finding solutions for those individuals that need to renounce their US citizenship, but still require access to the United States for family or business purposes

Helping individuals secure residency in the United States based upon their work in areas that the US Government deems to be in the "national interests" of the United States

Securing short and long term visas for musicians, athletes, and other performing artists to attend competitions, recitals, tournaments, and other events in the United States